Act No. 1: Board of Directors of 09-11-1972 Eng. Federico Capurro presents a report on what has been done since 05-20-1965 and communicates that the M.E.C. approved the Statutes and granted Legal Status on 06-20-1972.
Act No. 11 05-1974: It is communicated that a certified copy of the Statutes and its modifications as well as the granting of Legal Entity was obtained. It is resolved to print the approved Statutes.
Act No. 14 08-04-1975: It is reported that a copy of the Statutes was sent to U.P.A.D.I.


Act No. 50 06-30-1978: It is resolved to summon a General Assembly to, among other issues, plan the reform of the Statutes.
The study of the reform is completed on 11-24-1978
Act No. 57 12-15-1978:General Assembly – The reform is approved.
Act No. 63 05-04-1979:It is resolved to initiate proceedings before the M.E.C. In successive meetings, the status of the procedures is reported:
Record No. 72 of 11-09-1979 - Record No. 76 of 05-16-1980
Record No. 80 of 07-25-1980 - Record No. 81 of 09-04-1980..

Act No. 85 04-29-1981: It is reported that the new Statutes were approved by the M.E.C. on 10-07-1980
Act No. 212 04-09-1991: Interest is raised in printing the reformed Statutes.


Act No. 306 02-18-1998: It was decided to form a working group to proceed with a new reform of the Statutes.
Act No. 328 05-19-1999: The new project is soon and is distributed to the Academicians for their study. The study lasts until 05-04-2000 and includes the corresponding Regulation of the Statute. The advice of Dr. Aguerre was sought. Meanwhile, the current version translated into English is sent to CAETS.
Act No. 353 08-30-2000: Its presentation is communicated before the M.E.C. and that there is a request for clarifications.
Act No. 359 12-13-2000:It is reported that there are new observations of the M.E.C.