Full members

  • Aguirrezabala Perillo, Martín
    Agricultural engineering
  • Allegri, Mario
    Agricultural engineering
  • Amorín Cáceres, Carlos Eduardo
    Civil Engineering – Environmental
  • Baliño, Enrique
    Information technology
  • Benia, Pablo
    Technical standardization (1)
  • Bense, Tomás
    Applied spectroscopy, remote sensing, remote sensing
  • Bilinski Santos, Carlos Alberto
    Civil Engineering – Roads
  • Borzacconi, Liliana
    Waste treatment, environment, energy
  • Brechner Frey, Miguel
    Electronic engineering
  • Cáceres, Lucio
    Transportation and public works
  • Caccialli Sotter, Eduardo A.
    Civil engineering – Infrastructure and transportation
  • Cancela Bosi, Héctor
    Operational research
  • Cardozo Vázquez, Edgardo Luis
    Agricultural engineering
  • Casella Echezarreta, Norberto Francisco
    Chemical Engineering
  • Cataldo, José
    Fluid mechanics
  • Deagostini, Daniel
    Dieste Friedheim, Antonio
    Civil Engineering
  • Durán Correa, Washington
    Chemical Engineering
  • Eirea Dengra, Luis Eduardo
    Chemical engineering (2)
  • Fernández Citera, Mario
    Computer Engineering
  • Fernández Odella, Julio
    Chemical engineering. Operational research
  • Ferreño Parodi, Oscar Gerardo
    Mechanical Engineering
  • Gambogi, Adriana
    Chemical engineering. Corrosion and paint
  • Garcia Préchac, Fernando
    Agricultural engineering
  • Gonda Vázquez, Breogán
    Computer consultant. Software production
  • Grompone, Juan A.
    Information technology and communications
  • Grünberg, Jorge
    Computer engineering. Education
  • Guarga, Rafael
    Hydraulics and hydromechanics
  • Hernández Rocha, Alberto Luciano
    Chemical Engineering
  • Jodal Matteo, Nicolás
  • Juri Craviolo, Edi W.
    Hydraulic works (3)
  • Kaufman Zalkind, Brandon
    Civil Engineering
  • Langwagen Guillermo
    Electronic engineering. Signal processing
  • Lattanzio Sastre, Sergio Raul
    Chemical Engineering
  • Long Garat, Ruperto
    Bridges and structures
  • Mardero Iturralde, David Franz
    Chemical Engineering
  • Milano Millán, Gastón
    Computer engineering. Languages and user interfaces
  • Musé, Pablo
    Electrical engineering. Image processing
  • Paganini Herrera, Fernando
    Electrical engineering. Mathematics and network control
  • Paganini Herrera, Omar Ignacio
    Electrical Engineering
  • Pardo Piccone, Alvaro Daniel
    Electrical engineering. Telecommunications and signal analysis
  • Pastorino Otero, José María
    Chemical Engineering
  • Patrone Mateo, Julio César
    Civil engineering. Dams, geotechnics and hydrology
  • Pedoja, Eduardo
    Structural engineering
  • Pou Ferrari, María del Rosario
    Agricultural engineering
  • Ramos Trigo, Álvaro
    Agricultural engineering
  • Requensens Paz, Ramón
    Public and private works
  • Rodríguez Moreno, Luis María
    Chemical Engineering
  • Rossi, Conrado
    Structures and construction
  • Ruibal Faral, Claudio Miguel
    Civil Engineering
  • Sasson, Marcelo
    Civil engineering. Structures
  • Simon Galvalisi, Maria
    Electrical engineering. Electronic engineering. Information engineering
  • Solari, Javier
    Agricultural engineering
  • Sotelo, Rafael
  • Tierno Abreu, Andrés
    Energy consulting
  • Vignolo, Jesús Mario
    Electrical engineering. Power systems
  • Wonsever Bergenfeld, Dina
    Computer engineering. Natural language processing

Technical standardization. Quality management. Certification of systems and products
Chemical engineering. Processes, petroleum, resins and paints industry
3. Hydraulic works, bridges and large structures. Environment and sustainable development

Ad honorem members

  • Ntmann, Peter
    Energy and utilities
  • Serrato Aguirre, José A.
    Civil Engineering
  • Servian, Jorge
    Nuclear technology

Corresponding members

  • Aguerre Fabregat, José A.
    Civil Engineering
  • Barbosa, Gustavo
    Food engineering
  • Dieste, Andrés
    Wood technology
  • Flintsch, Gerardo
    Pavement engineering
  • Mechoso, Carlos R.
    Climate dynamics. Southern Hemisphere Meteorology
  • Spósito, Victor
    Civil engineering. Regional planning
  • Tanco Rainusso, Pablo Martín
    Industrial engineering
  • Villena, Juan
    Forest products