Final report of the survey on STEM education in Uruguay

The Academies of Sciences (ANCiU), Engineering (ANIU) and Medicine (ANM) of Uruguay formed a working group with the aim of developing a set of recommendations on how they could contribute to the optimization of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education in the country at the primary and secondary education levels.

The work, called “STEM education in Uruguay: everyone’s challenge”, seeks -at the same time- to identify, promote and support the early development of those children and young people with the greatest talent, vocation, discipline and capacity in these scopes.

The working group decided that the first stage of the project would be to carry out a survey that would allow answering the following big questions regarding STEM education for children and young people:

a. What are the best international practices that we can identify?
b. How is the current situation in Uruguay? What resources currently exist in the country and how do they operate?

The document is the result of this first stage of the work and it records the surveys of recognized international publications and experiences and the innovative educational activities with STEM emphasis that were identified in Uruguay. Finally, the document presents the conclusions that the group drew from the information collected.

This report of the first stage will be a fundamental and indispensable support point for the next stage of work of the inter-academic group, which will focus on the preparation of proposals that contribute to promoting and strengthening STEM education in the country.

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