Panel: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

In November 12, 2020, a virtual panel was held via Zoom on the general theme of “Data Science and Artificial Intelligence”.  Please see the Spanish version in this site, for a more detailed entry.

A recording of the panel is available  in this link. Note: because of a technical problem the introduction was not recorded; the video starts with Acad. Ing. Dr. Dina Wonsever’s presentation.

The panelists and presentation titles were as follows. A link to the slides (in Spanish) is provided whenever the slides file was made available by the panelist.  All presentations are in Spanish.

Dina Wonsever:  Natural language processing
Gustavo Vázquez:  Applications of natural language processing in science
Gastón Milano:  A new world of interactions
Federico Lecumberry:  Image processing and automated learning in biomedical applications
Lucas Baldezzari:  Brain-computer interface: decoding 3D trajectories
Máximo Gurmendez:  Big data aplicado en apuestas en tiempo real para avisos publicitarios
Alejandro Bianchi:  Relevance of software engineering in developing artificial intelligence applications

Please check the Spanish language version of this post for a brief CV of panelists and a summary of their presentations.