Name Field Phone
AGUIRREZABALA PERILLO, Martín Agricultural engineering 27126788
ALLEGRI, Mario Agricultural engineering 27093153
AMORÍN CÁCERES, Carlos Eduardo Civil and Environmental engineering 26223722
BALIÑO, Enrique Information technology 29021477
BENIA, Pablo Technical normalization, Quality management, Systems and Products certification 29012048
BENSE, Tomás Applied spectroscopy, remote sensing 27108825
BILINSKI SANTOS, Carlos Alberto Civil Engineering – Roads 22034880
BORZACCONI, Liliana Waste treatment, Environment, Energy 27082933
BRECHNER FREY, Miguel Electronic engineering 26015773
CÁCERES, Lucio Transportation and Public Works 27072401
CACCIALLI SOTTER, Eduardo A. Civil engineering – Infrastructure and transportation 095038207
CANCELA BOSI, Héctor Operational research 25250384
CARDOZO VÁZQUEZ, Edgardo Luis Agricultural engineering 27096941
CASELLA ECHEZARRETA, Norberto Francisco Chemical engineering 27098364
CATALDO, José Fluid mechanics 27115276/27113386
DEAGOSTINI, Daniel 27087275
DIESTE FRIEDHEIM, Antonio Civil engineering 26017351/26003614
DURÁN CORREA, Washington Chemical engineering 27081730
EIREA DENGRA, Luis Eduardo Chemical engineering – Processes, petroleum industry, paints and resins 099616275
FERNÁNDEZ CITERA, Mario Software engineering 29021505
FERNÁNDEZ ODELLA,Julio Chemical engineering, operational research 29021505
FERREÑO PARODI, Oscar Gerardo Mechanical engineering 27125320
GAMBOGI, Adriana Chemical engineering – Corrosion, paints and coatings 29016794/29004301
GARCÍA PRÉCHAC, Fernando Agricultural engineering 26130584/23561251
GONDA VAZQUEZ, Breogán Information technology consultant – Software production 26012082
GROMPONE, Juan A. Information technology and communications 24194600
GRÜNBERG, Jorge Software engineering, Education 29021505
GUARGA, Rafael Hydraulics and fluid mechanics 29003785
HERNÁNDEZ ROCHA, Alberto Luciano Chemical engineering 24012489
JODAL MATTEO, Nicolás Software
JURI CRAVIOLO, Edi W. Hydraulics works, bridges and large structures. Environment and sustainable development 23085923
KAUFMAN ZALKIND, Brandon Civil engineering 26222365/29022120
LANGWAGEN Guillermo Electronic engineering, signals processing 24111352/29021505
LATTANZIO SASTRE, Sergio Raúl Chemical engineering 27121361
LONG GARAT, Ruperto Bridges and structures 26013250
MARDERO ITURRALDE, David Franz Chemical engineering 27119318
MILANO MILLÁN, Gastón Computer languages and user interfaces 24022082
MUSÉ, Pablo Electrical engineering – Image processing 27110974
PAGANINI HERRERA, Fernando Electrical engineering – Mathematics and control of networks 091056718
PAGANINI HERRERA, Omar Ignacio Electrical engineering 26289852
PARDO PICCONE, Alvaro Daniel Electrical engineering – Telecommunications and signal analysis 099109735
PASTORINO OTERO, José María Chemical engineering 24085278
PATRONE MATEO, Julio César Civil engineering – Dams, geotechnique and hydrology 094984453
PEDOJA, Eduardo Structural engineering 29011931/29087585
POU FERRARI, María del Rosario Agricultural engineering 29081226
RAMOS TRIGO, Álvaro Agricultural engineering 27125154
REQUESENS PAZ, Ramón Public works and construction 27119615
RODRÍGUEZ MORENO, Luis María Chemical engineering 27122249
ROSSI, Conrado Structures and construction 26222135
RUIBAL FARAL, Claudio Miguel Civil engineering 27075495
SASSON, Marcelo Civil engineering – Structures 29151436/26984097
SIMON GALVALISI,María Electrical and electronic engineering; Information engineering 23085803
SOLARI, Javier Agricultural engineering 26008193
SOTELO, Rafael Electronic engineering
TANCO RAINUSSO, Pablo Martín Industrial engineering 27067630
TIERNO ABREU, Andrés Consultant, Energy 27116145
VIGNOLO, Jesús Mario Electrical engineering – Power systems 27126788
WONSERVER BERGENFELD, Dina Informatics – Natural language processing 27123813


Name Field Phone
ANTMANN, Pedro Energy and Utilities 0138908255/24015594
CASABO VACCHELLI, Marta Electrical engineering 24086026
SERRATO AGUIRRE, José A. Civil engineering 26018483
SERVIAN, Jorge Nuclear technology 27115066


Name Field Phone
AGUERRE FABREGAT, José A. Civil Engineering
BARBOSA, Gustavo Food Engineering +1-509-3356188
DIESTE, Andrés Wood technologies
FLINTSCH, Gerardo Pavement Engineering (1)(540) 9514783
MECHOSO, Carlos R. Climate Dynamics (1)(818) 3681610
SPOSITO, Victor Civil Engineering – Regional Planning (61-3)92517717
VILLENA, Juan Forest products
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